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Reader strikes back


To the editor,

It was refreshing to read Matthew Campbell's letter on the CBC lockout ("Rock out with your lockout," September 22). His writing skills should qualify him for a part-time position at the CBC once the lockout is settled. But the Canadian Media Guild would probably begrudge him that.

The CBC workers seem to believe they—and only they—deserve permanent, full-time positions. The Guild has proffered the propaganda no one can competently fill the positions their members now occupy. They deny the opportunity for contract work to new journalists entering the field.

For several weeks I've walked past the CBC pickets on Bell Road and Sackville Street. I don't see a representative cross-section of Canadians on the picket lines, although the union presents these well-compensated employees as the voice of Canadian culture and society. These elitist union members have among their ranks those who earn 100k per year while holding a community college diploma.

If the striking workers—and they voted to strike—are as well informed about Canadian society as they say, then a certain fact about Canada has eluded them. No one in this country is entitled to a short-term job, much less a well-paid, permanent career at taxpayers' expense.

By M. MacDonald

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