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Recently Engaged: Karen & Brian

"Dowry paid, let's get married!"

  • Photos by Kelly Martell Photography

About two years ago the parent-in-laws were teasing me about when I would tie the knot with little lady. Thinking myself to be clever (and buying me a little time), I responded with the idea that I required a dowry of one goat. Eventually the wine flowed and the topic was dropped.

Almost a year and a half later, my fiance's mother came home, took my hand and opened it and placed a small plastic toy goat in my hand. I guess they had spent all this time looking for this goat with no luck and eventually gave up hope. A friend of the family who, had heard the story, was in NY and found the tiny goat in time square at a toy store. With that I yelled out through the house to Karen that "I guess we were getting married shotgun style" (goat style? does that work?).

Either way the plans are well on there way and we are very happy... the goat is invited to the wedding and will have a special place at the head table. Also we did eventually find a real goat.

*As told by Brian Larter.

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