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Saint Mary’s University: An entire community at your fingertips

Brad Wilton talks about finding a career where you do what you love, and love what you do


Brad Wilton understands the pressure of needing to know what you should be after high school. As Liaison and Admissions Officer for Saint Mary's University, he travels around Ontario to talk to high school students about life in university, and acts as a symbol for the recruitment team. Brad gets to see the optimism light up in the faces of high school students when he tells them that they are not limited by the boundaries of geography. But they don't know what direction they want to go in, so at the end of his conversations with them, Brad always gives useful advice about the options. "Be patient," he says, "the opportunities will unfold for you, and throw themselves on your lap. You just have to know when to grab them. Don't panic, everything falls into place."

Brad had been given his own options through SMU, and found himself taking the Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Management. "The program was broad enough that I could find what I was passionate about in there. I had a good view of the full scope of commerce and societies, and how they function," says Brad. Choosing a major can get really specific, with focuses on leadership, marketing and financial matters, but the Bachelor of Commerce in Management tied in all of Brad's passions specifically.

The program gave Brad the opportunity to get involved in extra curricular activities, within the school and even outside of his academic work. Working with Enactus he grew his experience in management and marketing by fostering social and environmental change. By trying to engage people in conversation about these social issues, he found his place in his current career through a co-op program that turned into a full position.

"I'm either across the world or in my backyard. This just fell in my lap and I knew what I wanted to do," says Brad about his perfect job. His expertise in public speaking, and knowledge of communications and consumer behaviour, was of value in the recruitment department, and his program automatically set him up to succeed.

"You never feel overwhelmed at SMU," says Brad about being able to juggle four to five things at once. With 7,200 students, it's easy to get to know a third of your school. "It's not hard to be able to accomplish anything when you have a big network of people telling you: 'We're going to get through this. We're in it together.'"

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