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I just had to say that I love love love your suggestion that mayor Mike Savage take Metro Transit to work, just as New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg rides the subway daily (“Dear Mayor Savage,” Feature, November 8). It would definitely enable him to share the perspective of us common folk! —Kathleen Morrison, Halifax

Great article and great great letters. I would personally love to see Savage take Metro Transit to work, but this is a man who has already proven he thinks he should be paid 10 grand a month while trying to get a new job so I don’t see himself lowering himself. The next few months are gonna be interesting. —posted by Brandon Wilcox

Yes, wow. A civic love letter, stunning in scope and affection. It brings a favourite quotation to mind, one spoken and lived by Dag Hammarskjold, Swedish diplomat, economist, UN secretary-general and Nobel Peace Prize winner: “Only he deserves power who every day justifies it.” —posted by Donna Morris

I voted for and donated to mayor Savage’s campaign, and I wish him well. But, especially as a donor, I have some issue with the income thing. First, let’s not call it an allowance or a stipend---these are soft terms, it is a salary. It was registered with CRA and all required deductions were done. I think the taking of a salary from campaign funds is defensible. It might leave a bad taste, but basically after much thought I can support it.

I do believe that the hoped-for upcoming discussions on campaign finance reform deals with this and gives some very strict guidlines. The amount does seem excessive, but I have never made that much money, and therefore don’t have the commitments that might come with that lifestyle. This again might be dealt with in some review later.

My only real concern comes from the secrecy of it all. —posted by firepuncher

Savage is off to a poor start thanks to his lack of transparency regarding the use of his campaign funds and the hiring of several old Liberal party hacks to do his bidding within City Hall. He needs to turn this around fast or he risks becoming another Peter Kelly in short order. The best way to do that is to try to rein in the runaway bureaucracy within HRM and ensure it is run in a fiscally responsible manner. —posted by Bo Gus

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