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Sex Drive

This movie has no sense of humour or irony about itself.



An era's teen movies are often a reflection of when their makers grew up. The late-'90s saturation of Sex Drive plays obvious by copying the "parents walking in on a child in a sexually vulnerable state" scene that opens American Pie (already spoofed in Not Another Teen Movie.) When writers Sean Anders and John Morris try to get current, it's by using several-years-exhausted terms like "snap" and "BFF." Sex Drivehas no real sense of humour or irony about itself.

The story is about (what else?) a high school senior trying to lose his virginity. His road trip takes hero Ian (Josh Zuckerman), and friends Felicia (Amanda Crew) and Lance (Clark Duke) through Amish country, freakish trailer park sex and a jail cell. Only the relationship status between longtime friends Ian and Felicia bears any spark of inspiration, though it's marred by the discomfort of the actors looking like siblings. You know where every punchline will land because it isn't sharp enough to want it any other way.

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