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To the editor,

I want to get a few things off my chest before Black Sunday, that being the first Sunday that the retail world gets to "choose" to be open.

Why did I vote not to have Sunday shopping? I did it because I thought that my vote was special. Well, I guess I'm wrong. The government decided for me that it was in our benefit to open. I use the word benefit because that would be the only reason to do something, because it has a benefit.

Let's look at these benefits:

"It creates new jobs." People who don't have a real argument for Sunday shopping say this. They just really have nothing better to do with their time on Sundays, so they tell retail workers that they need to be open so they can shop. Sunday shopping does not create new jobs. It's hard enough for people to work retail as it is. What ends up being the case is that the part-time people who have agreed to work in the thankless world of retail have their hours spread out.

"People can choose to work on Sundays." Wow. I'd bet anyone who says that has never worked in retail. I am speaking as a manager of a store here. If my staff told me "No. I don't want to work Sundays," I'm not going to give them any hours. I need staff who are going to help me. I have to make sure that customer service is handed out by staff who want to be there and want to help you.

"It's time that we are equal across the board." Equal for whom? Oh yes, the people who don't have time to shop during the week. Malls and box stores are open between 68 and 72 hours a week. Where is the problem exactly? We have opened during the night Mondays to Wednesdays and now that's not enough. My busiest times of the week are still Monday, Thursday, Friday—during the day—and of course Saturdays. Now Saturdays will be taken from me because the business will be spread over two days.

"I don't have time to shop during the week." As I said before, stores are open 68 to 72 hours a week. But besides that, if there is no time for shopping then there is no time for banking, dealing with government issues, going to the doctor's office.

If stores are open Sunday, why not make Sunday a regular workday for everybody? Every area of operation that is specific to helping people or servicing them should be open and operational. Why stop at retail?

By Anonymous

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