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Sleeping tips for all the students in the room

tuggling to get shut eye? Try these lullabies for full-grown adults with very busy brains.



Give your residence bed a makeover
Since you're basically sleeping on a crib mattress, invest in some cushy bed stuff to help you manage the tiny twin a little better. Memory foam, a really nice pillow and a cozy comforter are a good start. Planning to share said twin with someone? Good night and good luck.

Make time to wind down
Unless you're truly #blessed, brushing your teeth and plopping into bed is not enough time to get into sleep mode. Take a hot shower, moisturize, read, listen to a podcast or maybe try a little visualization to slow your brain. Flick on an aromatherapy diffuser and pump some lavender into the air. Try and get off the computer an hour before bed and avoid scrolling yourself to sleep—blue light is not your friend.

Embrace routine
A consistent (or semi-consistent) routine can help with the winding down process. Try to stick to a similar bedtime when you can (minus those essay writing all-nighters and Alehouse closers) and once you've found a wind-down that works, set an alarm for not just waking up, but starting your bedtime regime.

Crank the white noise
Whether you're living in res, with roommates or in a noisy apartment building, you'll be dealing with other peoples' noises. These noises often happen when you least want them to—say, the night before an exam. If you're not the "I Can Sleep Through Anything" type, try a little white noise. If you don't want to invest in some celestial noise machine, a powerful fan will do.

Avoid pigging out right before bed
Unless, of course, you're pulling a page 31. Then...please disregard.

Free your mind
Tossing and turning stressing about tomorrow, today, last week, or what you'll be doing in 2035? Flick on your light and write it down. Let it all out on paper, every last worry, and then—hopefully—put it to bed for the night.

Don't overthink it
Don't give into the narrative that you're screwed if you don't get your eight hours every damn day. Life happens. University is hard. We all sleep differently, some of us with difficulty. We're not saying throw in the towel if it's not going well, but definitely don't let it be another reason to keep you up at night.

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