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Soldiers volunteered

It is more than a little irresponsible for the media to fuel these misconceptions about military recruitment and volunteering for the armed forces.


To the editor,

Becky Thomas's "Military madness" (May 28, News) left me a bit chuffed. Citadel High children were given space in the paper with their protest about military recruiters in schools. Being a service member, I feel that these children are sorely misinformed. From the article: "One of my friends recently got recruited" (my italics). I must stress that military recruiters do not benefit from recruitment drives. When I enrolled in the military almost eight years ago, no one came to my school. I went out and volunteered. The same goes for every single Canadian that felt the responsibility of wearing the Canadian Forces uniform.

It is more than a little irresponsible for the media to fuel these misconceptions by not correcting them and by printing these poorly chosen words. I dont blame the children, in so much as they don't grasp these concepts and truly believe in their fight. Somewhere, somehow these misaligned comments need to be put in check.

After all is said and done, students in Citadel High, I assure you when I signed myself up, I fully understood the weight of my actions. I accepted that my life in service to my country is noble and warranted. I implore you to talk to military members and refuse to accept what is shoved down your throat by the media. There are several aspects of my career I don't like, but there are infinitely more aspects I love, and many more Canadians feel the same. Keep in mind, kids, that in some countries, military service is mandatory, and the people who serve their country are immensely proud. You should be happy you are not forced into mandatory service, or mandatory civil service either.

Remember, the reason you aren't required to serve is because of blood spent by people you never knew, who were proud to earn you that option. ---Curt Eckhardt, Halifax

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