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Taking it to the streets

To the editor,

I work nights downtown at a coffee shop. I have a bone to pick with parents: Please know where your children are at early morning hours. I have eight hours to do 10 hours worth of shit and I do not have time to baby-sit your little brats. There are a few packs of wild animal children running amok in stupid hours of the day and it has to stop.

To the children of Halifax aged 13 to 17, I have a few new ground rules that have to be laid. Here goes:

"Please" and "thank you" are not that hard. If you swear at me again it may be the last thing you do. Leave your attitude at home. Find something to do that does not include vandalism—I will make you clean it if I catch you.

Boys: Wear clothes that fit and put your hat on straight. Leave the public displays of affection with your little prostitute girlfriends somewhere else.

Girls: Do not stand at my counter and engage in a battle of wits with me—you are totally unarmed.

I do not mind getting you a glass of water, or a donut when I am about to throw them out anyway, but do not take advantage of this—I do it out of courtesy, something some of you know little about. I will not sell you smokes without a valid ID saying your ass is 19. Do not sit outside my shop and bum for smokes or money.

I remember what it was like when I was 13 and I am OK with letting you chill at a coffee shop where I can keep an eye on you when your parents aren't, but you have to learn to keep your conversations to a dull roar and watch your language. I have other customers —you are not the only people in the room.

By Employee of the month

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