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The Cole Harbour haircut

Either the suburbs have a predictable fashion approach, or there's only one hair stylist in the eastern 'burbs.


The stereotype of the suburbs as a monoculture is immensely unfair. Some suburban areas in HRM, like Clayton Park, are probably more racially diverse than the urban areas, and there are exciting subcultures everywhere you look.

Additionally, as I've explained before, demonizing the suburbs doesn't serve any useful purpose, and probably is counter-productive in terms of stopping, or at least slowing down, sprawl. The sooner we realize we're all one big city, with a shared economy and shared purpose, the better for all of us.

Still and all, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the picture councillor Lorelei Nicoll posted on her Facebook page, showing her campaign team celebrating her election victory. But rather than see this as the expression of some rigid suburban Stepford Wife fashion sensibility, I think some entrepreneur ought see it as opportunity: Cole Harbour evidently has just one hair stylist, and the market is ripe for exploitation by a second.


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