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The Creeps
Lakeside Cabin
The Creeps follow Danzig or The Misfits in the traditions of dark punk rock, but work present-day crimes into a record that's eerily catchy. This is the Ottawa band's third full-length release, following 2005's Back to the Bin, and it takes a darker turn than their earlier records. Playing music about lurking in alleyways and under bedroom windows, these creeps don't particularly look like guys you'd be afraid of (maybe that's the point). With contemporary tales about plane crashes, stalking and various sorts of death, The Creeps are more gothic than The Misfits, more polished than AFI, creepier than The Ramones. Somehow it's hard to take lines like "I passed all the girls I used to stalk...try being a reformed psycho killer, it's fucking hard," seriously---one gets the impression these guys just get together with their instruments and a couple six-packs and happen to come up with some catchy lyrics about murderous rampages in the process. "Long Way Home" features a serial killer after a couple making out on a deserted ridge: "Voices (Again and Again)" asks the age-old question, "Am I getting too old for this murder scene?" The pop-punk hooks and storytelling on this record are solid and putting it on late at night at the lakeside cabin will probably freak out only the most dour vacationers.
--Laura Kenins
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