The Faces of NS Film (The Final Part) 

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Some of the filmmakers whose livelihoods are jeopardized by cuts to the Nova Scotia film tax credit.
OF 40
Film job: Actor Lives: Halifax, NS Says: The Tax Credit has forced me to re-evaluate how important living in Nova Scotia is to me.
Film job: Animation/Film/Video Instructor at NSCAD, Independent Media Artist, Recovering Arts Administrator Lives: Halifax, NS Says: A $25-million annual investment that grows our skilled workforce, expands our tax base, stimulates small businesses and gives us over $100-million annual net benefit in return? Sounds like a much better investment than $22-million for an RBC call centre that might only give us $240-million...over 10 years.
Film job: Production Assistant Lives: Halifax, NS Says: I was born, raised and have always lived in Nova Scotia. I'm a NSCAD graduate who has stayed in the province and started building my career in film one year ago. I love my province and I love this industry. I want to stay here and be able to realize my dreams in the hometown I know and love. The tax credit makes this possible and that's why I'm speaking up to save Nova Scotia film.
Film job: Documentary Filmmaker Lives: Halifax, NS Says: I have been working in the TV and Film industry for over 15 years. The tax cut will force me to move my company and my family elsewhere. I simply cannot survive here if this budget passes as it stands now.
Film job: Aspiring Actor, Future Voter and Taxpayer Lives: Halifax, NS Says: I have been lucky to do some web and voice-over work and enjoyed immensely doing background on productions like Mr. D and Seed. I am proud to use my earnings towards saving up for my university education. Over the years, I have taken lots of acting classes taught by many local actors who have helped me along the way! I am really sad this tax credit cut will force me to leave Nova Scotia if I want to have my dream job when I'm older. My family and friends all live here and I don't want to move. I really hope the government changes its mind and lives up to its promise before it's too late.
Film job: Costume Designer Lives: Herring Cove, NS Says: I think the slashing of the film tax credit is a huge mistake. We are already losing personnel and projects. I respectfully urge the premier to reconsider this move and bring stability back to our industry by consulting with its stakeholders.
Film job: Actor, Stunt Performer Lives: Eastern Shore, NS Says: Fighting hard to get the FTC restored and for a chance to continue pursuing my film dreams in Nova Scotia.
Film job: Chef/Caterer Lives: Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS
Film job: Costume Designer Lives: Halifax, NS Says: Inspired by costume and culture.
Film job: Actor Lives: Dartmouth, NS Says: I want the government to consult with the film industry, so we can work together to find a solution. If they don't, I'll have to move.
Film job: Props Master, Art Director
Film job: Picture Editor Lives: Hubbards, NS
Film job: Production Assistant at This Hour Has 22 Minutes Lives: Dartmouth, NS
Film job: Documentary Maker, Director, Writer, Teacher Lives: Terence Bay, NS
Film job: Actor Lives: Halifax, NS Says: Nova Scotia, and Canada at large, doesn't have a spending problem. We have a revenue problem. The 24 million is only a loss if you look at the small picture. One-hundred thirty million dollars of economic activity in an industry that attracts young people and boosts our artistic identity is exactly what we need in this province.
Film job: Actor, Assistant Director Lives: Halifax, NS
Film job: Office Production Assistant (entry level position to the industry) Lives: North End, Halifax, NS Says: I've been pre-approved for a mortgage on a house in my neighbourhood. Without this tax credit, I won't be able to afford it and will need to leave this province if I'm to support those who depend on me.
Film job: Ex-Production Secretary, now a Real Estate Agent selling and buying homes for those in the film industry
Film job: Hair Department, 14 year member of IATSE 849 Lives: Sydney, NS
Film job: Actor Lives: Montreal, Que Says: I moved to Halifax to study theatre at Dalhousie University. It was the place my family swore in as Canadian citizens after emigrating from the UK when I was one year old. I returned to Halifax to go to university because of the stories my parents told me–of how beautiful it was there. I was not disappointed and soon fell in love with the ocean breeze and the famously friendly people. After I graduated, against the advice of my parents and many others who thought I should move to Toronto, I stayed and worked professionally in the community and paid taxes. I voted, unfortunately it seems, for the Liberal party. It is in Halifax that I made connections, gained experience, and honed my craft. It is in Halifax where I found my first agent, Ciel from Sky Talent who believed in me and my ambition. It is in Halifax where I worked for three years at the Alexander Keith’s Brewery doing theatrical tours; to the cruise ships of people who sailed in to the ports on hot summer days looking for a taste of maritime culture. I learned the songs, I danced the jigs and I fell in love with this province. And the world would never have know if it weren't for the film industry and those who support it. I now live in Montreal, studying at the National Theatre School of Canada. I loved Halifax so much I returned for summer work with Shakespeare by the Sea for two seasons. I am graduating this year and saw a future for myself in this beautiful province; to live the life I want to lead. To create theatre in a blossoming and supportive community. To develop my film career in a thriving film and television industry. All while being surrounded by the people I love and a scenery that catches the breath and calms the soul. I am afraid I will never be able to return, nor wish to if I am ill represented by people who do not value me, my vote, or the votes of hundreds (and hundreds) of people who work for the same cause: to enrich Canadian culture one project at a time. The film tax credit cut is a mistake. It is not too late to fix it.
Film job: 13 year old actor, ACTRA Member Lives: Tantallon, NS Says: If the cuts to the film tax credit happen, I won't have any opportunities to be in films or become a better actor and I won't be able to progress with my acting.
Film job: Actor, Member of ACTRA and Actors Equity Lives: Halifax, NS
Film job: Rigger & Lead Animator Lives: Halifax, NS Says: We both love it here. Our lives are here. We understand the tax credit may need to change. We just want the opportunity for both sides to get together, learn how our tax credit works and try and negotiate something that works for all of us.
Film job: BG Actor age 8 Lives: Dartmouth, NS Says: I am just starting out. Please do not take my dream away.
Film job: Videographer Lives: Halifax, NS Says: I don't think the Liberal's have any idea of the impact (insert ferry pic here). Old school isn't new school (head shake)....
Film job: 3D Texture Artist, Stop Motion Animator Lives: Halifax, NS Says: I've been in the film industry for 20 years and have watched it grow into the awesome thing it is now. Please don't kill it.
Film job: Actor, Producer, Casting Director, Freelance Videographer, Video Editor and Clinical Teaching Associate at Dalhousie University Lives: Dartmouth, NS Says: The Film Credit has been successful. The proposed changes will not save the province anything. The proposed changes will cause small businesses to lose money. The proposed changes will drive youth away from the province. The proposed changes will decrease the health and wellness, and the accounts of the province.
Film job: Actor Lives: Halifax, NS Says: As Nova Scotians, we use film to tell our stories and share the beauty around us with the world; silencing this art form would be a staggering cultural loss.
Film job: Actress Lives: Halifax, NS Says: I believe our film industry provides tremendous benefits, financial and otherwise, to our beautiful province. The people in this industry are talented, hard-working, dedicated and down to earth. They make Nova Scotia proud by earning their excellent reputations. That and the tax credit are the reasons why so many production companies decide to produce movies here; why so many Nova Scotians are employed in the industry and why our province, and citizens, benefit tremendously. There are also many "spin-off" benefits: people in the industry purchase Nova Scotia products, go to Nova Scotia restaurants, stay in hotels and bring more people to our province.
Film job: Student in Digital Animation/3D Modelling Lives: Lower Sackville, NS
Film job: Character and FX Animator for Copernicus Studios Lives: Halifax, NS Says: Any place with a thriving film industry has a functional tax credit to go with it. The cuts to ours pare it down to what is essentially the worst tax credit in North America, taking away the single biggest draw for outside filmmakers looking to spend their money here–on us. Nova Scotia is home. I want to stay, to work in the career I studied for, right here in Halifax. Please don't push me out.
Film job: Producer, Accountant Says: If the Nova Scotia tax credit is slashed, my family will be forced to move and I will have to raise my daughter in Toronto instead of the city I love: Halifax. Also, for the past year I have been my mother's caregiver. If we have to move to Toronto, she has opted to stay in Nova Scotia and move to a nursing home. My family is being torn apart.
Film job: Artist and 3D Animation Instructor Lives: Halifax, NS Says: I believe the FTC is absolutely crucial to Nova Scotia. It's not about tax dollars. It's about nurturing an industry for the future; a critical investment in the very future of this province.
Film job: Actor Lives: Dartmouth, NS Says: Devastated by the news. Please press pause!
Film job: Animator at Copernicus Studios Lives: Halifax, NS Says: I've been working in Halifax for three years in animation and I would be heartbroken to have to leave. Without the film tax credit, I have little hope in finding animation work in Nova Scotia.
Film job: Actor Lives: Halifax, NS
Film job: Actor Lives: Halifax, NS
Film job: Actress, Production Assistant Lives: Bayside, NS Says: If we lose this tax credit, I stand to lose BOTH my jobs, both of which I am passionate for and have spent years working towards. Nova Scotia can be a place of growth and opportunity; a place where young people can build a life. Keep our film jobs here!
Film job: Animator and Illustrator Lives: Nova Scotia Says: I got my start in the industry in 2005 where I was employed at one of the top flash animation studios in Canada. It was an honour to work with so many talented people right here in Halifax. Unfortunately in 2008-2009, the tax credit was taken away from us. Work became scarce and a lot of us, including myself, moved away for a time. I missed my friends and family. I couldn't live near them because I had to find work elsewhere in the industry. Now it's 2015 and I've since come back to Nova Scotia to work in what I like to call the hub of animation. It's the place where I got my start and I wish nothing more than to see it grow into the best spot for animation in Canada. If the tax credit gets cut. It's plain and simple. Animators/Artists love what they do. We have no intention of ever doing anything else. We won't be able to remain competitive, and thus, we will leave to find work elsewhere. It will be devastating to the industry and with so many young people leaving in droves, it will not bode well for the province. Today's youth are the province's future. I don't want to leave. I was raised here. It's my home. I work here.
Film job: Actor, Writer Lives: Nova Scotia Says: The film tax credit keeps our industry competitive. Without it our industry here will be gutted.
Film job: Actor Lives: Halifax, NS Says: The Tax Credit has forced me to re-evaluate how important living in Nova Scotia is to me.

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