The Loose Cannon Scottish Public House isn’t about the food

Not finding much in the way of Scottish food (hello? Haggis?), Melissa Buote settles in for a night of drinks and atmosphere.

It seems like Argyle Street is finally living up to its name, with the addition of The Loose Cannon Scottish Public House to the row of restaurants flanking the curbside. Heading to the pub, I hope for tams and knickers and maybe a vault full of gold that I could swim around in; I expect at least a brogue-soaked experience that anything the word "Scottish" in its name should have. That's not what I get.

What I do get is a small and pleasant, low-key pub. Dimly lit, steeped in dark wood that is broken up by a sprinkling of Highland inspirations, it's an immediately relaxing space. Big tables loom in every corner and crowd each wall. At first there is no server to be seen, but after a few minutes he wanders by the bar and drops off some menus.

The menu has just a shade over a dozen items. The focus is standard pub fare---steak, hamburgers, club wraps. There's nothing that really screams "Scottish!" on the