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The New Year's Eve single's drinking game

Keep this with you and you'll never be alone again. 


Being single for the holidays can feel lonely, especially at a New Year's Eve party when the clock strikes 12 and you're watching all the couples kiss and celebrate another year of love. Sure, you can blow one of those noisemakers and pretend it doesn't bother you, or you can turn your desperate loneliness into a fun drinking game, get wasted and hopefully forget the whole night ever happened. 

Every time you're asked if you're "seeing anyone lately:" take one shot  

When the crushing words "I really like you but..." or "I don't know what I want right now" echo through your head, again: take one sip

When your text message is "read" with no response: take two sips

When a Christmas wedding proposal is mentioned: take one shot

If a couple gets engaged during the course of the party: that's two big shots

When a couple mentions an upcoming vacation, mortgage or pregnancy: take one shot for each mention 

When someone shows you a picture of their child: take one shot (bonus: take two shots if there's more than one child, or more than one picture) 

If you're caught hugging or talking to your host's dog or cat (house parties only): take one shot

When someone asks you if you've "tried online dating yet?": take one shot

If a sober couple offers to drive your drunk lonely ass home: take one shot 

If you're scanning the party and starting to find the least attractive person "kinda cute:" stop drinking now

If you're holding your own hair while you throw up: take one more shot

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