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The quick and the dirty

Quick and Dirty Band show is a lottery of fun, resulting in brand new bands for you.


The Dudes and Ladies Art Society make art everywhere they go.
  • The Dudes and Ladies Art Society make art everywhere they go.

Could be the stuff of nightmares. Your name pulled out of a hat puts you centre stage with other hapless folks, performing completely original material you've only written and rehearsed a mere 24 hours before. But the organizers of the Quick Dirty Band show aren't afraid.

"I think half the fun of the Quick Dirty Band Show is that there's so much potential for it to go wrong, but hopefully in a way that's fun and lighthearted," says co-organizer Lauren Bell.

"With the exception of two or three people, the participants are seasoned musicians and have performed in front of people, so I don't foresee any major train wrecks."

That said, the potential schadenfreude the Quick Dirty Band show offers is tempting. Bell, and her co-conspirators in the Dudes and Ladies Arts Society, Jess Lincoln and Courtney MacInnis, have solicited participants via open call to be randomly grouped into bands by lottery, and will give these groups 24 hours to produce a 15 minute set.

The show kicks off an art tour planned by the society taking them across the Maritimes, to execute similarly quirky events; dressing as space people, covering an abandoned hunting lodge in red tissue, erecting a billboard, collecting second-hand scarves, among other things (see full details at, and help them along at

The tour will take the trio out of the distractions of home and allow them to bring their fun-loving art projects to the rest of the Maritimes. "We're also really excited to meet people making art across the maritimes, who we wouldn't have a chance to otherwise, and learn a little bit about what people are doing and how they're doing it beyond our Halifax fishbowl. Also we want to have a really good time."

If a really good time is also on your to do list, the Quick and Dirty Band show could hit the spot.

"What I'm most excited about is to see how people in completely different genres work together; having a combination of noise and folk musicians would be awesome."

Quick and Dirty Band show, Thursday, July 5 at The Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street, 10pm, $6

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