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The Record Shop is coming to the north end

But exact location for resto-coffee bar is something of a mystery.


Kathy Jollimore and Brent Darbyson are planing to open The Record Shop Resto-Coffee Bar in the next few months, somewhere in the north end.

Jollimore is a cook at Saege, and will be overseeing the kitchen of the new operation, explains Darbyson. The pair intend to serve breakfast and lunch, and perhaps down the road will offer dinner "if that's what the market wants." The offerings will be "healthy real food, locally sourced veggies and meat," explains Darbyson, with a sort of mix-and-match menu---breakfast sandwiches in a fusion style, breakfast tacos, Indian and souther flavours and so forth.

"The Record Shop" part of the name doesn't refer to retail vinyl or CD sales, but rather to the couple's stereo system. "We have people over to the house, and the record player just draws people in, creates a certain atmosphere," says Darbyson. "In the resto, our in-house stereo system will be our music. We'll play our own vinyl, but people can bring in their own records and play those. It's like a juke box, but without having to put money in."

We at The Coast office have been hearing rumours of The Record Shop for a couple of weeks, but no one is saying where it's going to be---least of all Jollimore or Darbyson, who maintain they still haven't secured a location, yet with the same breath speak of "renovations." Otherwise, one rumour has it the cafe will be "within two blocks of The Coast office"-- which could mean either the Gottingen or Agricola strips, or maybe some of the old storefronts on Cornwallis.

While the location isn't public, the website, under construction is, at

And neither here nor there, but Jollimore and Darbyson have their own interesting story, having met seven years ago while planting trees "in the bush, in northern Ontario," before somehow ending up in Halifax.

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