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Then and Then



April 6, 1534
we have taken them all
out they cry asking elsewhere
young yet for the Otherworld
each newborn voice inclines toward
the city days beyond here

last night dreamed of Münster
four lions circled a stake
three stopped to look up
while the other continued round
there was something he avoided

leaving new broken in too
clean they are all inside
the house cannot be quiet
still we listen for tomorrow
we’ll own what’s ours already

August 21, 1967
maps burn on to black
tonight though they did not
they will you well know
the vibrations are lying low
the milk in the fridge

has expired and I couldn’t
bring myself to wonder whether
the eggs would be affected
probably not it isn’t all
spoiled dog days will return

to mistake waves for nerves
every body must be confusing
cause and effect while I
await your next word from
patrol station Schare---GVT

May 6, 2000
track & field day runners
aligned but behind Steve Phelan
before the gun even goes
my only chance his pending
suspension for the fire alarm

he pulled ahead the entire
800 metres to an inevitable
if only I had followed
Mr. Bellamy training no popsicles
proper footwear sleep I would

be the first to empty
my lane greet the rest
against the fence sweat falling
short grass has a pulse
then I hear the shot

December 22, 2012
“Mayor Delord apologizes for his
absence it’s a family emergency
proxy vote to grow carrots
after the count is done
motion to accept our agenda”

another puddle on the counter
this morning must be blocked
by the window peaks dissembling
she watches the line move
closer paws down company’s coming

“the final item for today
concerns the status of non-domestics
one proposal has been tabled
noting previous objections we shall
proceed as planned meeting adjourned”

stacks of wet
                piled piling
it stops to start again

Geordie Miller lives in Halifax and writes poetry, emails, dissertations, batting orders, marginalia, text messages, conference papers, lists, his name and Nana (not often enough).  The last time the world ended, he was eating all dressed chips.

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