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There are already Ottawa shooting conspiracy theories

Jian Ghomeshi just the latest false flag, say ding-dongs.


Can you spot the strings???
  • Can you spot the strings???

Proving again the Internet was a mistake, several actual people, who all probably have jobs and things to do, have taken to the web arguing last week’s shooting on Parliament Hill was a government conspiracy.

The theories stem from this repurposed video of live CBC footage. For some, a heavy RCMP presence captured by multiple media outlets is proof-positive last Wednesday’s shooting was planned in advance.

It’s possible The Coast missed that press release, but generally the federal government doesn’t invite numerous media outlets to their coverups. Even what the reporters are not doing worries the “Zen Gardner.” That those professional camera operators stuck in the middle of a national crisis don’t run away is an “absurdity beyond absurdity that would NEVER happen in a ‘real’ situation like a random spontaneous shooting.”

Others, possibly learning about Canada for the first time, think this all goes deeper.

“The building looks like some kind of Masonic Temple,” BLACKCROW WALKING opines on the YouTube video.


The disbelief that grasps at any possible target is what makes this all so pitiful. Even Kevin Vickers briefly appearing on camera is a scripted moment to offer the public a hero.

Last week saw a powerfully united Canada express messages of love and remembrance. Undoubtedly in coming months and years, last week’s events will be hoisted up to further agendas. Other people, terrible in their own unique way, will wrap the tragedy around intolerance and control. That’ll always happen, no conspiracy needed.

Who knows, though. Maybe yesterday’s Q-razy events and Jian Ghomeshi’s alleged naughty kink for beating and abusing women has all been orchestrated from Harper’s desk.

“The CBC sex scandal is going to be a big deal," writes one Redditor. "When was the last time you saw a full-scale media blitz on a Sunday?”

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