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This shit is Bananaz



I'm feeling less than animated after two films tonight, but that's to be expected after an animated double-header. First, Bill Plympton's good vs evil Idiots and Angels, about an evil man who kills a butterfly and then wakes up with angel wings that force him to feel empathy and do good deeds. There is no dialogue--although the story's well-told through sound and music, and the characters' faces are fantastic--but this film isn't for everyone. What I like about Plympton's animation style is that you can see pencil on paper, and human hand, which is really refreshing these days.

Next up was Picnicface's future Eurovision Contest winner Beard, No Beard. I think this says it all:

Beard opened for Bananaz, documenting the virtual band Gorillaz. AFF programming manager Andrew Murphy first saw the film in Berlin and went to the afterparty where he met the band. But he left before I could grill him for deets!

This is a film for fans only. Which I am. I know that Damon Albarn is a wanker (check out Live Forever if you need real proof, and scenes of him farting in the band room, puking or acting out during phone interviews don't help), but I'm willing to forgive because I love his music and his voice. Obviously a lot of other people do too--I forgot how many artists contributed to the animated Gorillaz, including De La Soul, Ike Turner, my high-school crush Terry Hall (The Specials, Fun Boy Three), D12 and Dennis Hopper. Not much happens here, although there's an incredibly awkward scene where Albarn tries to explain his politics to a woman who's organizing a young African American choir to play at the band's Apollo Theatre's show. Lyrics featuring guns are sensitive business.

A few weird things are left unexplained, like why, at one point, Albarn and animator/collaborator Jamie Hewlett both have scratches on their faces. I'm speculating a scrap...but in the end all I really care about right now is digging up those two albums and playing them really, really freaking loud.

Dinner: two mint teas, vegan bar, popcorn, gum. Not surprisingly, I feel yucky.

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