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TIFF DAY 7: I can't see and that's ok


Declarations are being made all over the place:

"I'm done."
"I'm running on fumes."
"I've got nothing."

An hour into my seventh consecutive 9am film, Don Roos' Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, I noticed I wasn't wearing my glasses. And I couldn't remember when I'd taken them off... just then, to clean them? Or an hour ago, to clean them? Did they just fall at some point? Had I been watching this thing—an uneven drama about Natalie Portman stealing Lisa Kudrow's husband and having his baby, which died three days later—for an hour in soft focus?

I didn't know.

I didn't care.

Afterward I wandered downtown the slight chill to Queen Street to meet my friend Sarah for lunch at the Scotiabank Theatre, a main festival venue. A Cadillac SUV pulled up and Cameron Bailey got out in sunglasses and a black suit.

Sarah steered us into a French bistro where sandwiches started at $12.95.

I didn't care. Bring on the damn brie. (The day's special: The Arrogant Burger. Hilare.)

A giant line met me for Jason Reitman's Up in the Air, starring George Clooney as a motivational speaker slash professional firer who travels 320 days a year. He meets Vera Farmiga on the road and starts to realize maybe he does want to be settled, in a real home in a real relationship. (I'd marry Vera Farmiga in 30 seconds. She lives on a farm in New York state and has goats. That sounds like paradise to me at this moment.) Less socially relevant then Thank You For Smoking and less emotionally resonant than Juno, Up in the Air keeps the same light, zippy Reitman vibe but is little more than fizzy water—initially kicky but eventually flat, relying too much on Clooney to carry the thing and wasting the likes of Melanie Lynskey, Danny McBride, Sam Elliott and Zach Galifinakis. It's fun while it lasts but you'll never think about it again.

Last night I walked by MTV and there was a giant line, and somebody told us that Elvis Costello was in there filming an episode of Spectacle, starring "some old Irish guys." "The Irish Descendents?" I guessed. Dude shook his head. "The Pogues?" No. "U2. But just Bono and The Edge." Oh, of course.

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