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Touring Green - Blog 1: Victoria (May 13)

Victorian Vexing (NEW UPDATE)


As I start this blog, I have been thinking of some inspirational words such as Confucius' “The longest journey begins with a single step" or the anonymous quote: “The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart” and, from these quotes I've been comforted as I have traveled those 18 inches and have taken a couple steps around the place I'm staying at. So, really, even though I haven't done any cycling yet, the hardest part is over!

All that separates me now, at the beginning of this journey, to the end, in that wonderful city I call home is about 6999KM more to go than that one step and 18 inches (got that taken care of... no sweat!).

Today was supposed to be the first day of cycling as it's two days after playing my first show at Logan's Pub ( with Run Chico Run, Collapsing Opposites and Cheers in the Belfry. Quite an awesome night too with a surprisingly good bit of pub food at the bar as well. Everything went perfectly aside from having a little scissors malfunction (i.e. them being unable to cut through my mop), so a better pair than the dollar store's will have to be obtained for the Vancouver shows if I'm going to stick with the plan of cutting off all my hair by Halifax for the Childhood Cancer Foundation (

So.. what did happen today you might ask? Well, I started out with my suitcase and panniers (for all you non-biking enthusiasts, those are the bags that bikers sometimes hang over the wheels of their bikes) and found that the weight was too much and it was just awkward as... well as awkward at the word awkward looks... I mean look at it... "wkw" you don't see that often.. (in fact you don't see that anywhere else* )

The biking was proving very difficult with much falling off of the panniers, hitting of the feet on the bags, cutting of the hands while trying to fix the luggage situation (who'd have thought carrying musical gear, clothing, biking equipment and food would be so cumbersome). So, knowing when I have been beaten by the panniers (oh yes, even panniers can win sometimes, even panniers can win), I rolled into the nearest seller of bicycle accessories' shop and purchased a trailer which, after several test this evening appears to be perfect for hitting the road with tomorrow morning.

So... I'll stop here for this evening and write you even greater and more exciting stories tomorrow evening (more exciting than traveling a couple paces and 18 inches even!).

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!” - Dr. Seuss


I decided I was going to take a photo of my white sneakers at the beginning and end of the tour so here they are almost new!

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