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Touring Green - Blog 12: Nelson to Cranbrook (May 27)

So Reign Down In Rain


So, in Behold the Lamb!, I say “Reign down on me” but today (for the first time that lasted a whole day) it “Rained down on me”. I was completely soaked and cold while I biked 124Km over about 8hrs.

I find it quite ironic that the two rides that my BC Biking Guide said would be the most pleasant were the only two times where in poured. Otherwise, the bike looked like it would have been awesome as it was along the water and wasn’t much climbing but steadily went up and down the whole way. Because the weather was so crap, I definitely started to sing songs in my head to not think about my environment and so for the first time today, I spent a lot of time not looking and stuff and singing. Luckily, Coldplay’s “Spies” kept me occupied for quite some time (I think because of that line that “Spies come out of the water…” is probably what brought it to mind), Sloan’s “Chester the Molester” (not really sure where that came in), “Polythene Pam” courtesy of The Beatles, and “Summer Rocket” from our very own First Aid Kit… (you can use the song too to mask your cursing and segue right into their second verse/ pre-chorus!)

Also, “Hello Africa” by Pinicface ( keeps me constantly amused; especially the line “I don’t need this $%^&, I was on Fred Penner”. You can find the video in their videos on the side bar.

I started to pay more attention today to the little things that I thought might be worth noting too. So, I’m going to begin a section of the Blog called “Today’s Little Observations”. So today: there are all these sings along this highway where it says “Clustered Area” when houses are close together, there’s one place that had a “Turbidity Level” and this one guy had this No Trespassing sign that I’m sure, when he sent it to the printers, he meant to have say “No Trespassing – Property of Jim Mather” but, when it came back it reads more like “No Trespassing Jim Mather” and it seems more like this other guy owns the property and really doesn’t want this Jim guy on it.

Oh, and I passed a house made out of Glass today too:

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss


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