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Touring Green - Blog 22: Lloydminster to North Battleford

What's Better Than Getting Stuck In 3 Hail Storms? Getting Stuck In Just 2 (So, I'm Lucky For Sure)


Today I realized that this trip is one of the best times of my life because, as there are some parts of the day that do rate high on the suckage meter, it only makes the parts that are good that much more awesome; I really, really enjoy the little things like a good shower at the end of the day, sitting and watching a film or tv, sitting, not biking.

Today was the perfect example of how my day was awesome with a little pinch of suck. I woke up and had a great breakfast and a leisurely morning emailing session (awesome) which was followed by 43 minutes of trying to set up my bike in the hotel's storage room (little bit of suck; the dents I put in my fingertips lasted the whole day).

Here's the video of which:

Then, I began cycling into a beautiful, Saskatchewan day in my shorts and t-shirt (awesome) which was followed by about 45 minutes of hailstorm biking (who keeps touching that suck factor knob? that cranked it up to 11 for just a bit as when I rolled into the closest place to grab lunch I, completely soaked had to pull my bike and trailer across the median and carry the bike over huge puddles while I was shin deep in them. This was followed by getting into the resturant and running lukewarm tap water over my frozen hands which had that extremely painful feeling of the blood coming back into them; not like that nice tingling you get when your arm or leg goes "asleep" during a movie or something.)

Don't worry, I blogged it for your viewing pleasure!

Then the day went back to a long, long ride through cloudy weather (which was awesome compared to the thunder and lightning from before!) and then, after a brief moment of sunshine, I proceeded to try to "outrun" the final hailstorm of the day (hopefully of trip!). I "almost" made it as it was on my tail for a good hour (anytime I dropped below 30km/hr I would get another onslaught of little paintball bullets hitting the ride side of my body). I, finally, pulled into North Battleford and found the quaint little B&B I was planning on staying at and it was so awesome. So, really, it reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Bart and Homer discover that they can vacation in Hawaii for free as long as they fake having Leprosy and undergo intense pain for a couple hours a day.

All the while too, I had FemBots keeping me company with their excellent album, The City (I think I listened to it 9 times in a row!).

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss


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