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Touring Green - Blog 27: Craik to Regina (June 17)

Rain Rain Go Away Break My Camera Another Day



So, as I mentioned the real "hard part" of the tour started June 16 and then started to max out by today. I biked all-day in the pouring rain (not to mention the uncomfortable level of the rain, it also completely soaked my camera and made it non-functional!).

This is also right around the point where my right knee (which has been letting me know politely since Edmonton that it's not the biggest fan of all the biking we've been doing) was starting to grow louder and creative procedures like not putting my foot in the bike pedal clips to ease the strain were not quite cutting it anymore.

I biked all day; racing down to Regina to get to my performance at The Club (Part of The Exchange in time). I, was able to manage it though, and I still haven't missed or been late for a gig yet!

It was a hard day though as I had all that cold/wet biking, the show and then biking to the motel afterwards to look forward to another long day of biking the next day without a break.

Luckily, some Coldplay helped me ignore the pains of the day.

"Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss


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