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Trapped queen: a night at Captured Escape Rooms

Going behind lock and key to find out what the heck an escape room is.


The gluttony associated with the Holiday season is (sadly) behind us and we’ve been left scrambling for an activity to replace the mind-numbing mounds of food and booze we once indulged in. I suggest skipping the bar, rallying your buds and entering Captured Escape Rooms (1649 Barrington Street)—which opened back in December— for a new kind of race against time.

Though Captured has six different rooms to choose from, co-owner Kelsey Keddy suggests my friends and I choose Pirates’ Brig room as beginners. Keddy hands us flashlights and a walkie-talkie that we can use for two hints while in the room. She then reads us a spooky backstory relaying why we’ve been captured and leads us into the room handcuffed. The door locks, eerie music plays. With only 45 minutes on the clock, we’re quickly jolted with adrenaline. We hastily bustle around the dim room, moving the clutter and searching for keys to set ourselves free.

The room is packed with false bottoms, hidden corners and codes that may or may not contain the information or pieces you need to escape. Keddy had told us not to be afraid to literally tear the room apart. Since the space is small with clues aplenty, you have to multitask and communicate consistently with your group. Each key we find or puzzle we solve leads to another obstacle. Both the fun and the frustration lies in the seemingly never-ending riddles.

At 20 minutes in, my group has used up our hints. We shuffle around, unorganized, and as seconds melt away, Keddy slips in another hint. We come so very close to freedom, but the final riddle stumps us and we don’t escape. As disappointed (and embarrassed) as we are, Keddy assures us not many make it out. I suggest you endure the challenge.

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