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Re: “Snow dazed and confused

BadDogToo...precisely. It's a scourge of government at all levels these days to absolutely avoid risk of any kind. It's actually more like a nervous twitch. It would actually be amusing if it weren't so destructive.

Clearly most people agree that "SAFETY FIRST" in schools has become out of control and children are being conditioned to think it's all about safety nets and days off.

The school buses even have flashing strobe lights though they were trying to mimic a 20 tonne 747 on the tarmac. It's ridiculous!

I think people are starting to come around but it's going to take a LONG time to de-program these school boards and government officials who make illogical irrational decisions based on risks that don't even exist.

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Posted by Try_The_Truth on 04/07/2017 at 1:49 AM

Re: “Attention Halifax Grindr Users

I don't think men have hangups around sex...I just think that it's impossible to GET casual sex because of the complications created by the bitch and people like him. "I don't have a car and I'm mad that someone 2 miles away dared to ask me for sex without first checking". Seriously?

TickleMyAnus...your reply has absolutely nothing to do with the bitch or my answer btw....but it isn't the first time I've heard men talk about "hangups" as a boundary and then list 15 of their own as the bitch has.

Although frankly if men DID have hangups, I wouldn't blame's hard to relax when the city is full of so many unstable walking landmines don't you think?

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Posted by Try_The_Truth on 04/03/2017 at 8:14 PM

Re: “Attention Halifax Grindr Users

You need to get a life.

I don't know how old you are or what your "experience" level is, but if you're that tied up with an online sex service that it angers you to the point that you're giving vent about it on The Coast, you need to step back...go within...and discover what's missing in your life - it's time to start to fill that void...and not with a penis.

Grindr is a meat market. It's an online sex site...not even dating, but sex. It is what it is, and when it comes to online sex sites RARELY do things work out.

Nobody on Grindr owes you anything. They present what they present and you take it or leave it and STFU about it. Nobody cares that you don't have a car, or have "circumstances" that cause you to require a very specific set of hoops to jump through in order to get sex from you. They don't care about your irrelevant little "opinions" about their picture or who is in the picture with them, they're not obligated to reply to your posts at any time, and they don't care whether or not you find them "Haughty, rude or judgemental" (I find it ironic that you would even go there considering the nonsense of the same type spewed throughout your bitch).

In short, most of them don't give a rat's rip about you as a whole person. All they care about is your dick and your rear end. And if you play games or make it difficult for them to get that, they're simply going to move on to someone else and you're going to be left with nothing.

That's the way it is with sex sites!

And it's when people like you freak out and start behaving all "cray cray" as you are in this bitch of yours that things don't work very well on these sex sites.

Log around...if there's nothing of interest, logout and go read a book...or "entertain yourself" (which really is often enough) and get on with life...maybe you'll have better luck next time but GET OFF your high horse POST HASTE. This is a small city...and you don't want people talking with others about how nuts you sound.

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Posted by Try_The_Truth on 04/03/2017 at 12:47 PM

Re: “What it takes to be an Owl

Ok so you're basically triggered by feminist snowflake reason "x".

Bravo. We'll add your triggered rant to the long list of triggered rants popping up in this country and perhaps do what with it all....grind it up and use it as cruelty free makeup?

I suggest you just go start your own club. Women only. And apply for all the tax breaks you want.

Guaranteed you'll get them, and believe won't get one complaint from men that they can't join.

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Posted by Try_The_Truth on 03/31/2017 at 3:29 AM

Re: “Quite the messed up system

So parking enforcement (in my opinion) is setup deliberately to make life as difficult as humanly possible where the only easy option is to pay the ticket. Anyone who tries to resist will find they are presented with epic hoops to get justice and you'll find everyone you deal with in the process of jumping through those hoops treats you as though you just committed murder.

You should see what happens when your vehicle is towed! Oh SWEET JESUS!!! That happened to me once...I had parked in the winter (in a parking zone) on the street but apparently there was a driveway leading into a vacant lot (which wasn't being used) that was completely and totally covered with snow by the plow so I couldn't see the entrance and parked across it. So they towed the vehicle! They didn't HAVE to tow it...but technically they could so they did.

When I tried to have the vehicle released by the HRM Police, the bitch behind the window thought she was going to play games and try to tell me that the asshole at the impound yard wasn't at his desk (bullshit, I just came from there...and you're not telepathic) and so she couldn't get the papers.

One thing led to another and I was finally forced to threaten to call 911 and report the vehicle stolen if she couldn't come up with proof (this is the next day by the they absolutely had the papers) that the police impounded the vehicle. That got her ass moving...she had that file number lickity split. Then she tried to tell me my Registration had expired...LOL!!! She had the paper right in her was good for another year, but nope...she was determined to try to trip me up and make life as difficult as matter how stupid she made herself look.

The people in front of me were also treated with equal disdain (nothing to do with having their vehicle towed but rather matters far more pressing). conclude, this is all part of living in the city. Parking enforcement is a game...and if you don't play it they way they want you to, expect resistance.

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Posted by Try_The_Truth on 03/30/2017 at 1:28 PM

Re: “Call me Ms.

RubyJaye : regardless of the fact 90% of people have no idea that's where Mrs. originates from.

No you're mistaken's not that we don't "know"'s just that we don't "care".

We don't care because it's a non-issue. Women aren't being oppressed because of "Mrs"...that's a figment of your imagination.

It's more snowflakery and for the most part people are just done with it! Don't you see that?

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Posted by Try_The_Truth on 03/30/2017 at 1:16 PM

Re: “Taking a vacation from capitalism

carving out a little space that is devoid of capitalism

If you pretend...yes. I mean dude it's a nice try I suppose but it's far from being devoid of "capitalism" witness this..."Its almost a literal a slice of the beach in Halifax, featuring a slushie machine and a patch of sand in The Living Room Theatre. If the suns not shining, one can take advantage of the daylight-simulating lights (the kind sometimes used to treat seasonal affective disorder). For an extra dose of sun, some of the slushies contain vitamin D. "

You see the thing of it is, that "living room" with those "slushy machines" and those daylight simulating lights, along with all the energy required to run it weren't developed at Ross Farm Museum by a group of locals using nothing but wheat and home-made bailing twine to put it all together.

No...they were purchased. It was that "capitalist machine" that put this all together for you. And except for the energy it probably gets even worse than that, because those items weren't made in Canada I bet, right? So that gets us deeper into Capitalism and past the "Globalism" checkpoint.

The dumpster diving (reuse/recycle/re blah blah blah) may seem like a delightful environmentalist add on, but frankly it gives me the creeps because it just highlights the fact that most people have been restricted in what they can afford to purchase and are forced to root through the garbage for their belongings...there's nothing "environmental" about's an economics/poverty issue, driven by Capitalism and all its faults.

I have felt for a long time that millennials are so far down the rabbit hole they don't even know they're in a rabbit hole anymore and this kinda highlights that for me.

Anyway, enjoy the exhibition...but you'll need to use your imagination to make it real.

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Posted by Try_The_Truth on 03/24/2017 at 1:07 PM

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