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Valentines to Halifax

The best of our love the way we love section

The little things

To those who hold the door open that half a second for me, who give me the briefest smile as they pass, who actually say hello and make some small talk; you give me faith in humanity. Your few minutes of warmth are sometimes the only thing to get me through my day. Thank you.--Needs Warmth

Sweet, sweet Halifax

OK, so here is what I'm lovin' about Halifax right now:

NSCAD students, you guys are super entertaining what with your crazy styles and (mostly) awesome art. Keep it up!

Iceskating, you get that awesome free feeling, it's the winter version of riding a bike.

Soup from Whet, nuff said.

Cupcakes from Whet.

The Bridge Commission, you know they email out traffic advisories to everyone who bought a MACPASS, talk about customer service.

The Water Commission, no matter what storm gets thrown our way the water stays on. I wish I could say the same about Nova Scotia Power. --Marnie

Mr. Taxi Man

Thank you so much for stopping for my puppies when they snuck under the fence! I'm sure other people would just continue along without taking the time to stop...but you did, you made my day. It's nice to know of the animal/dog lovers around Halifax. I will request your taxi any day.

--Worried Westie Girl

Random acts of love

So one day in October I was walking down the street alongside the VG hospital when I noticed this man on a bicycle riding from metre to parking metre. He was feeding quarters into the metres whose time had lapsed. It was obvious he was attempting to tend to the ones surrounding the hospital. I was astounded. I yelled, "I see you, I saw that," but he didn't hear me. It didn't matter, clearly he wasn't doing it for recognition. One can only imagine the places those car owners were. Under the knife of a trusting surgeon, at the bedside of an ailing loved one, waiting in a doctor's office, much like mine, in anticipation of "results." I was truly touched by this random act of compassion and kindness. This story speaks to me of love, a kind of love we often forget is as significant as romantic love. We may not all have the motivation and energy to exercise it in the manner this mystery parking metre-feeder-rider did, but in small significant ways we are all capable of random acts of love for one another. --Everyone

Bus driver love...for once

To the bus driver on the 18, going southbound on the night of Jan 28 at around 11pm, I came out of my friend's house on Cogswell stoned as fuck, not knowing where the bus stop was, I saw you coming and gave you a little wave, not expecting you to stop at all, but you did! You pulled over to the side of the road for me, and saved me from standing in the snow for half an hour, so thank you! ---Cold and Baked


To the people on Windsor Street who took in my cat Sunday night: Thank you so much. I was really worried and stressed out because he hadn't come home, and I thought that he might have been hit by a car or something. You two invited him into your home and fed and cared for I can't stress how much you mean to me! My cat is my world and if anything would have happened to him I would have ended up all alone in my room with a tub of ice cream crying for weeks...literally. So, thank you again and again.

--Expect a fruit basket or something

Thanks, stranger!

I dropped about 400 dollars out of my wallet and onto the sidewalk, without even noticing. Seconds later a guy runs up and hands me my cash back. Three words: I LOVE YOU.

--What more perfect storyfor a love section, eh?

"Ooo, you make me live"

To my peanut butter on toast and my orange juice in the morning. To my creative inspiration and quiet reading. To my penny collecting craze and smiling to the strangers that pass. To my drifting dreams, while hours on the phone with you. You are genuine, as genuine as any of those of my favourite things could be. Stay true, man, you know what's up. You can't be fooled.

--Your ever-lovin', best friend

To the cab driver that picked me and my son up at Clayton Park today

I'm a single mom and have to take cabs once in a while since I have no car. Both my son and I have a horrible flu/cold today and so I had to make a trip to get some medicine and ingredients for soup and you picked us up from the grocery store. I just wanted to say thank you for being so nice to me. You even helped me carry my groceries even though I was a dollar short on fare. You made my day...I really didn't want to go out today, but it's so nice to have the help when you need it most and it made me feel less alone in this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

--Fluey Fares

Bitchers we love

Dear Bitchers,

Some of you are so funny. I love your funny names. Like Farts Mahoney. Where do you come up with this stuff? Thanks for being so creative and grouchy. --Bitch lurker

PS. Don't ever learn to spell. Every wrong word warms the cockles of my heart.

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