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What to scare

Halifax’s stylish share their favourite Halloween costumes.


Rebekah HiggsMusician, Coast reader poll winner for Best Dressed Local ArtistOne year I was poison ivy. I sewed together an onesie out of a green velvet tracksuit, wrap my hair into two cones, and glued fall leaves to my eyebrows. But my funniest costume would have to be the Mary Kay sales woman. I wore a pink skirt suit and handed out samples.

Gary MarkleFashion designer, NSCAD fashion professorMy final year at Parson's in NYC, I dressed as a huge penis, complete with pom-pom "balls." By the time I got to the party it was almost over as I had to stop every few blocks for photo-op's. I felt almost famous, but maybe for the wrong reason, being known as a "big dick," I think of Don Cherry, Donald Trump...Is that what I really wanted?

Cadence MacmichaelOwner of Pretty Things Boutique, founder of Pink Velvet BurlesqueI always was a bit of an oddball when it came to fashion. I have two memorable Halloween costumes: The first was when I was around six or seven years old I went as Boy George (my mother made me a hat complete with dreads!)...Imagine me trying to explain that one to other kids! The other memorable costume was when I was about nine years old and I went as Madonna, complete with waaaay too much makeup and point bustier!

Lydia Klenck Fashion designer, tattoo artist, Coast cover modelWhen I was about nine or 10, or maybe younger, my brother and I dressed as punks for Halloween. We didn’t really know what punks looked like so we just kinda threw on whatever didn’t match and slicked our hair with this gross-coloured hair gel. I think we looked more like rodeo clowns than punks. I remember being annoyed that nobody could tell what we were dressed as.

Michelle SainteOnge Fashion designerA few years ago my friends and I dressed up as the “black eyed peas.” We wore all black, painted one black eye on each of us and sewed onto our clothes all kinds of Ps. No one got it all---most people just looked at us and had nothing to say. We were so disappointed---no one got our pun Halloween costumes!

Laura ChenowethFashion designerI have to say it was when I dressed up (years ago) as a Punjabi Silk gentleman. I remember wearing a large navy blue turban (with some assistance from a kind Sikh shopkeeper in East Vancouver), wore a men's blazer and pants, put on some makeup, creating big brown eyebrows and a full beard, and I can honestly no one recognized me all night!

Kimberly MunsonOrphanage ClothingOne year as a kid I dressed up as a bum, and to get the effect of natural looking stubble we used Vaseline and coffee grinds. Mmmmm, Vaseline and coffee grinds."

Jill BarberMusicianWhen I was three years old my parents dressed me in a little ballerina costume for Halloween. Soon after they realized that they had made a great mistake because I refused to take it off, ever. Apparently I wore it every single day for an entire year. It must have been some kind of phase.

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