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What was the last thing that turned you on?

It’s a very wide range, from hot people to our Sex + Dating survey itself.



Hearing about other people’s dreams is often annoying. Hearing about their turn-ons, on the other hand, can be compelling. Below are selected answers to the Sex + Dating survey question of “What was the last thing that turned you on?” These responses are anonymous but not generic. The specificity makes it both easy to relate—I know what you mean about ukulele—and to consider uncharted options (fan fiction?!).


“Flirting with a super attractive girl that came into work.”

“His mouth.”

“Uh, waking doesn't take much!”

“Rubbing bums with a friend.”


Star Trek Discovery fan fiction.”

“A deep conversation where the person really showed interest in me and remembered things that were important to me and an old inside joke.”

“Reverse cowboy porn.”

“My partner’s smell.”

 “My partner's soft belly.”


“My online sissy sub voluntarily locking up in chastity.”

“A view of a woman's fine butt.”

“My ex. Womp womp.”

“Watching him play ukulele.”

“My husband’s naked body as he brushed his teeth.”

“Sounds cheesy but partner blowing gently on my ear when we were spooning last night.”


“Watching my partner being charming at a party from across the room.”

 “The girl on the stepper at the gym.”

“‘Do you listen to the Mountain Goats?’”

“Doing this survey.”


“Oh, so I was hanging out with this guy who was still in school and he wanted to go study for his exams in the other room for 20 minutes or whatever, and I was kind of annoyed because, like pay attention to me, right? Anyway I just started playing with my Magic Wand and a butt plug for a while. He eventually heard me and came back to check it out and then he fucked me in the ass while I vibed and it was really hot.”

“Boyfriend getting undressed after a hard day at work.”

“Her undressing for bed and splaying out on my bed.”

“Fucking two dudes in the same day.”


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