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  • opened on May 26, 2009
  • closed on June 2, 2009

What was the nail in the coffin on Rodney MacDonald’s political career?

Heather Foley Melvin scandal

16 votes (7.51%)

First Ernie Fage scandal

7 votes (3.29%)

ATV scandal

18 votes (8.45%)

Immigration scandal

7 votes (3.29%)

Atlantic Accord scandal

16 votes (7.51%)

Reinstitution of electricity tax scandal

6 votes (2.82%)

Second Ernie Fage scandal

11 votes (5.16%)

Refusal to take part in media scrums scandal

2 votes (0.94%)

Gas price regulation scandal

5 votes (2.35%)

The "let's not mention adultery" scandal

13 votes (6.10%)

Ron Chisholm's prostitution carpooling service scandal

6 votes (2.82%)

Judy Streatch's SUV adventures scandal

12 votes (5.63%)

Getting rid of the environment minister who actually knows about the environment scandal

9 votes (4.23%)

Whoops, we actually did spend the offshore revenue scandal

59 votes (27.70%)

The scandals we don't yet know about scandal

12 votes (5.63%)

Trampoline scandal

14 votes (6.57%)

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