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What's the biggest question you have about sex and dating?

Sex + Dating survey-takers need your advice.



After asking you a bazillion nosy questions about your wants, needs, parts and partners, it was only fair that we opened the floor for questions from the Sex + Dating survey-takers. But because we're not Dan Savage, we don't have the answers to these questions (except for the herpes one, the answer is NOW). If you do—or think you do—feel free to answer in the comments.



“My partner likes to have anal sex with me, and he is fairly large. We don't use lube, I get super wet and he uses my own lubrication . Sometimes I am sore for days. Will this do permanent damage to my ass?”


“How do you know when you've found the right person? Is it possible to find the right person at the wrong time?”


“What the fuck is normal penis size? I've only even seen a guy with an average 5.5 once. I sometimes wonder if my 7" really is that great?... Oh, and are other people turned on by the same stuff I am? And do straight guys ever actually experiment with other guys?”


“Why do people like to play so many games? Why doesn't everyone just say exactly how they feel and not worry about being ridiculed or rejected. Say what you feel and then move on if it doesn't work. No games, no chase, just get on with it.


“How are people still bad? There's so much porn, and talk of sex in today's society that it's not like anythings hidden. It's not like you can't learn if you don't want to. Plus, its the age of numerous partners and fun crazy sex lives. So people should get out there and practice and learn so we can all really please.”


“Why all the brief texts and long delays in getting back? Are we not in this to get to know each other better?”


“What do you do with your feet. Seriously the most awkward thing in the bedroom. Do I scrunch my toes or not, where do I put them when my legs are up, around them, on their side, just let them dangle around? Did I paint my toenails, what if they notice the rough spot because you've been working 12 hour days on your feet? Feet are awkward.”


“Why is it that so many relationships and marriages that start out so strongly end in break-ups and divorces. The frequency of break-ups makes me wonder why people commit at all. We wouldn't keep a business going that had such a high failure rate?"


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