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When do you feel the most attractive?

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Whether totally buck naked or dressed to the nines, feeling yourself or feeling somebody else's body, our survey respondents are a good looking bunch. Here are some of the standout answers to our Sex+Dating survey's prodding about when you feel your finest. Unbutton your blazer, pull up your boy-shorts and enjoy.

“When I’ve been admiring myself, when I’ve been home alone and getting dressed nice (for an event or myself).”

“When I’m turned on.”

“When I come home from a glam night out, with just a little buzz on, and I know I look really fucking hot.”


“When I most accurately present as how my gender feels that day.” 

“After I work out.”

“Taking my clothes off after a party! I love the look of myself with only my makeup and jewellery on.”

“Tight jeans, loose shirt, hair down.”


“After my friends do my hair and makeup.”

“Naked in bed, cuddled up next to my partner.”

“After a long run.”

“Shirtless, after a shower, wearing only a pair of jeans.”


“When I do myself up for Pride festivities.”

"Rocking a crop top.”

“When my partner looks at me. Also when I am in boy-shorts with a strap-on.”

“When they're rock-hard, or pull me aside when we're out to compliment/kiss me.”


“When my partner is looking soooooooooo steadily into my eyes when we talk, as if I'm the only person worth listening to.”

“When I have actually done something with my hair and my panties match my bra!”

“I feel the most attractive when I am having a fantastic conversation with someone over a pint of beer and there is this intense flirtatious vibe bouncing between the two of us.”

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