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Where the wind blows


Dear Kyle Shaw,

In the February 2 Upfront, you state that there are "...three left-leaning parties holding the bulk of seats in parliament." Three? The NDP and Bloc, sure. The Liberals? Please don't tell me you've fallen for their campaign rhetoric! How about their record? From 1993 to 2004, they made Brian Mulroney look like a socialist. Throwing a "progressive bone" from time to time, like equal marriage rights (which a quarter of these "left-leaners" voted against) does not make them progressive or left-leaning. Liberals are opportunists. They'll take any side of the spectrum to win votes. Do you honestly believe people like former NDP premier Ujjal Dosanjh and former Tory MP Scott Brison, who wanted to privatize medicare, are on the same side? No. They are opportunists with a complete lack of principle. Brison, on election night, talked about how great the Liberal Party was—that the Liberal Party built this country. OK... the same Liberal Party he ran against and attacked for six years in the House of Commons! Completely hypocritical. If you've got some time, Google Liberal MP Tom Wappel. He makes most Conservative MPs look like bra-burning hippies.

If you want to know where the Liberals really stand, check the weather department to see where the winds blow.

By L. Aaron Wright

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