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Where we practice: Dregs

New-old band is all about mom’s garage and making audiences go batshit insane.


  • Lenny Mullins

Two-piece garage rock newcomers Dregs—Ryan Dunn and Alex MacAskill—have been playing music together since junior high. "Ryan's first show with me, his guitar wasn't even plugged in. He just got his first guitar and was so psyched he wanted to play a show before he even learned how to play the instrument," says MacAskill. "We grew up listening to rock, punk, garage, all that good stuff. Ryan really offended a teacher once with a neon yellow Sex Pistols muscle shirt in grade seven."

"High-energy, fun, live, sweaty, party music. That's where we're pulling our garage-rock punk sound from. We're inspired by a crazy live show. Seeing bands like Indian Handcrafts or Death From Above the past year, we're taking notes on how two people on stage can make an entire room go so batshit insane," says MacAskill. "Our influences and mindset are similar enough that we can work collaboratively pretty seamlessly, but still different enough that we can surprise each other in a jam."

"It's Ryan's moms garage, so the price is right," says MacAskill. "There aren't any neighbours nearby so we can be loud late into the evening. Ryan's got his studio set up there as well so recording is a breeze. It's heated, it's got a mini-fridge, a beer pong table, lots of couches. We're still working on a clever nickname for it, some play on words with Dregs in it. If anyone has any funny ideas get at me."

"We're really stoked about our Halifax Pop Explosion show. We've got some east coast dates in mid-November with Old Blood and Bardos that we're really excited for. And we're currently doing pre-production for a debut album," says MacAskill. "We're going to start tracking in November and hunker down for the cold Halifax winter to work on getting that out there when the snow melts."

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