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Who Loves the Sun

Matt Bissonette


Who Loves the Sun
Directed by: Matt Bissonette
Christal Films
The following riveting exchange occurs in the film Who Loves the Sun, shortly after childhood friends Will (Lukas Haas) and Daniel (Adam Scott) are reunited for the first time since Daniel slept with Will’s wife, years earlier: “Fuck you, you tried,” declares Will, dismissing Daniel’s insincere

attempt to have a heart-to-heart. “No, fuck you,” replies Daniel. “Fuck you,” says Will. Four more “fuck-you”s follow. And then the fight’s over. Needless to say, it’s lazy dialogue. Every silly epithet in this excruciating exchange could easily be replaced---perhaps with some lines that better established the film’s characters, or by fleshing out the conflict that inspired the curse-fest in the first place. The set-up for the film is simple: When the aforementioned philandering wife Maggie (Molly Parker) slept with Daniel, Will couldn’t cope and took off for five years. As the film begins, Will returns and the three spend the next hour-and-a-half sifting through the fallout of their bad decisions, at the home of Daniel’s parents. In theory, Who Loves the Sun is a character-driven drama---all its major action happens off-screen, in the past. It’s unfortunate, then, that it has such half-baked character development. Adrift without an interesting script, even decent actors like Parker, Scott and R.H. Thomson (as Daniel’s dad) can’t get the audience to invest in this clunker.
Lindsay McCarney

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