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Will be parking it somewhere else


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This full-time parking ban is absolutely outrageous in this time of economic turmoil. This city is so ass-backwards with the way it runs its day-to-day operations and with the way it treats its citizens. Fifty dollars for parking on the street! Where are people supposed to put their cars? Up their asses?

The city's public transit system is a joke and it forces people to own cars because without a car you can't do anything in this city. Then you ticket hardworking people $50! For parking on the street even when it isn't snowing!

I will be moving away from Halifax as soon as possible. This is the last straw for me. Jobs for young professionals are scarce and the city does nothing to promote growth or progress. No tall buildings, no this, no that, no parking, no subway or SkyTrain, no music outside, unfair tuition rates and on and on.

Halifax will be left to die with its old, feeble, pathetic population because that will be all that is left in a few years. I can guarantee you that almost all the young, vibrant people will have moved to cities where living is the priority instead of ridiculous rules, half-wit infrastructure planning and a clueless municipal government.—Cameron Harding, Halifax


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