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Re: “Consent Pads

I can see there is no debate with montrealman more than the equivalent of banging one's head against the wall. And the assumption that my 'tirade' was knee-jerk is false - it was born not of anger so much as exasperation, as I've been lurking/reading long enough to have gotten sick of the hypocrisy of your obvious belief in your own superiority coupled with an abject inability for the least bit of self-questioning/reflection. You are not worth the time to type this, but I didn't want you to think I was simply another emotionally overrun female (yes, I have them and things I value - as do most real people) you limited, misogynistic dunce. I couldn't possibly be angry about the opinions of someone so obviously limited and inflexible, or care at all as they're simply irrelevant to me. But assuming that females are no more than slaves to their emotions is no better than assuming men are slaves to their respective biology - and again, gender and sexuality are quite varied (you obviously failed to read the entirety of my post as no points in it were addressed, you simply misread what I wrote as emotional when it was in fact simply a detailed opinion). And I was not and had no interest in addressing any points of your irrelevant post, it was always directed toward you specifically - not meant maliciously despite some of my wording (that was snark, not malice or anger), only to point out the hypocrisy of someone that claims to be against bullying tearing (under the guise of intellectual discourse) into females and anyone they obviously consider their inferiors at every turn. But apparently to have and bother to express an opinion contrary to your own is viewed as an irrational emotional tirade, thus bothering to point out your own glaring inadequacies is pointless as it will fall on your quite wilfully deaf ears. And I do have a sense of humour - I find you entirely ridiculous.

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Posted by - X - on 09/20/2013 at 4:19 PM

Re: “Consent Pads

montrealman: Go fuck yourself Freud - your pseudo-intellectual rambling (and concepts borrowed/parroted from better - though grotesquely flawed - predecessors) is only your entirely limited perspective wrapped in overly convoluted linguistic phrasing/jargon with the specific purpose of creating an elitist, condescending defence for your own quite limited/biased perspectives, giving yourself a pseudo-intellectual ego-boost/hard-on, and not even vaguely meant to open/create any genuine dialogue/discourse. The truly intelligent wouldn't need to hide their views behind such shallow linguistic tricks/illusions, but would be capable of engaging in actual conversation with others - presenting their particular view, and being open to others' myriad perspectives. Only the weakest perspectives crumble beneath scrutiny, and those with the most limited perspectives are too often the most defensive and incapable of engaging with variance or opposition. You are not better than anyone - your jargon is just that, and beneath it is quite little..certainly nothing to be proud of. A solid point could just as effectively be presented quite succinctly/efficiently, while your phrasing is but hollow pageantry veiling an equally hollow perspective. I've known many women with an amazing sense of humour (though I myself would not be the best example - I have one, but couldn't intentionally elicit laughter to save my life), and your perspectives not just on women/men (let alone psychological, social, cultural and other constructs, but I won't get into that now) but gender in general is utterly archaic. Where do the transgendered, androgynous, etc. stand in your limited worldview of gender roles and psychology? Gender, sexuality, forms, constructs, class, culture, and individual psychology (existing within but not wholly defined by environment, culture, class, etc) are not as simplistic or black and white as you would like to dismissively make them out to be, and you try to justify it (your own ego) with obscure, convoluted phrasing that fools no one - the average 'laymen' are not quite the oblivious idiots you would like to make them out to be, though I can tell that assumption is how you so easily dismiss divergent perspectives and continue basking smugly in your illusory sense of self-superiority like a pig in shit. The trappings wrapping your particular perspective (skewed as all are - both the price of individual existence, experience, and awareness, and the value of it in meeting divergent viewpoints so as to expand our own) do not make your particular (and again, quite astoundingly limited and archaic) perspective more valid than any other - not even more deeply/thoroughly thought out, as you yourself for all your vast 'intellect' fail to see how limited, egotistical, and elitist your own truly is (or if you do don't care, making you the most ambitiously, convolutedly long-winded troll I've ever encountered).

I likely won't respond to anything you have to say in response to this, not because you'll somehow dismantle my points with your ridiculous, empty linguistic acrobatics (I'm sure your points will be typically quite vacant), but because I don't get drawn into petty squabbling and flame wars (who wants to bother? It's childish, pointless, and predictable) - I present my point and may bother to respond to either clarify my viewpoint or if the response I receive seems to merit it (enough for me to want to bother, not like I've got nothing else to do - I just have to speak out when people use a veil of intellect to cover blatant bias and ego, it's a contradiction in its true lack of substantial thought). I'm not always so long-winded (though I can be much worse, I prefer to just get to the point), but I felt you deserved it..you obviously have a higher opinion of yourself than the depth/breadth of your views merit. Use the fact that I'm a female under 30 with minimal post-secondary education to dismiss me if you wish (though SMU's students/leaders proclaimed ignorance of the most basic comprehension of the English language may say something about the institution's genuine value), but doing so will just prove part of my point - only I won't feel smug about it, because I'm only affected by the opinions of those whose perspectives I value..and yours certainly doesn't merit it.


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Posted by - X - on 09/18/2013 at 5:28 PM

Re: “Here Comes the......Battle???

Link this bitch to Facebook and they should understand why they shouldn't be invited.

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Posted by - X - on 07/29/2013 at 7:38 PM

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