It's all over now

So it was nice, you know. Those years you told me you'd always be there for me. We had some good times. Like, ohyeah, remember that time we went through that rough patch, but we got through it, and you said things would be different. that's what you said. they were different for like five fing minutes because you were a lying ahole. but i stayed. I hoped you would change. There were moments when I thought that would happen. But you started seeing that new guy a few years ago and the bad times started again. Why did you let him come between us?

We tried one more time though. We moved into a new place. You said it would be different. I believed you. The new place didn't feel like our old place downtown. No memories. No soul. But it was all brand new and you said it would help us grow together.

And now that new guy, he's tearing us apart. And you're trying to kick me out of our house. And you're doing it for money??? What did he promise you? What about love? What about all the years we've shared? I was always there for you. I worked nights. missed birthday parties for you, gave up some of my friends for you, I put you first. Always.

Those times are over. I don't know what i'll do but i know the love between us is gone. It's all over now. You said i can stay in our new place, but only if i don't piss you off. Thats no fing choice. I might stick around. Might not. But only so I can be there when you come crawling back, like you have before, begging me to help you. So i can shove my foot in your face and leave you. With nothing.

You don't know how much you need me. I don't need you. I can go on, find somebody else and what will you have? Nothing, because that's what you always had. Without me, you're nothing.

---Horrid hackette


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