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Below are links to our most requested departments and how to contact them. If you cannot find an appropriate contact name or number below, you can send an email to our webmaster and it will be directed to the most appropriate person upon receipt.


Editor Kyle Shaw
Newsletter Editor Julie Lawrence
Arts & Food Reporter Martin Bauman
City Hall Reporter Matt Stickland
Education Reporter Lauren Phillips

The individual departments within Editorial/Newsroom are listed below:

Letters To The Editor
Selections from online comments may be printed in the newsletter.

Submitting tips
If you have a small business tip, email to [email protected]

Submitting a general news release
If you have a News tip, email to [email protected]

Freelance submissions
The Coast is not currently in the market for freelance work.

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Lifestyle/Small business/Food/Drinks/Restaurants
Email: [email protected]


The Coast is currently overhauling its unpaid internship program in hopes of establishing a paid internship program. But currently no interns are being accepted.


Marketing and Events: Marty Sills
Email: [email protected]

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Email: [email protected]


For public/media relations inquiries about The Coast, please contact Acting Publisher Kyle Shaw via email at [email protected]


For publishing and corporate affairs please contact:

Acting Publisher: Kyle Shaw
Email: [email protected]