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Comments Policy

The Coast loves our readers, and loves our readers' comments. However, is a private website and we reserve the right to remove any comments we find offensive or slanderous. We strive to maintain an atmosphere of free and open conversation, but inevitably, some comment threads will spiral into negativity and personal attacks. When this happens, we may close the article to further comments. If a commenter repeatedly abuses our comment policy, we may ban their IP/email address. If you have questions about this policy or about about a specific comment on the site, please email us at [email protected].

As much as we try to monitor all comments on the site, we rely on our readers to inform us of any offensive or slanderous comments that are posted. Under every comment on the site, we provide an option for you to report abusive, offensive or slanderous comments. Simply click on "report comment," and a box pops up, where you should describe what's offensive about that comment. Alternately, you can email [email protected]. If you email us, don't forget to let us know what page the post is on, as sometimes it's not obvious.

Good Comments

• Good comments respond to the content in the article, or to a comment left by another reader.
• Good comments can disagree with the content in the article/comment, but they never insult the writer of the post, other commenters, other websites, etc.
• Good comments are usually pretty short, have a positive/constructive tone, and are open to being contradicted by other readers.
• Good comments stay on topic, and never contain spam or spam-like content.
• Good comments are rarely anonymous, because good commenters stand behind their opinions.

Bad Comments

• Bad comments insult the writer of the post, other commenters, other websites, etc.
• Bad comments are often long, and contain threats, needless swearing or abusive content.
• Bad comments go off on tangents or go-off topic, and often contain spam or spam-like content
• Bad comments are almost always anonymous, and usually contain fake contact information, because negative commenters are almost always too cowardly to stand behind their opinions.