It's Not Okay

No, don't crane your big head around to stare at my computer screen! When I reacted in a nervous manner you said "WELL it's my file! Can't I look at it?!!" Of course you can look at your file, but I was not only working on your file but 3 others. Their info was up in the background while I was working on yours and I had to scramble to minimize them. You probably aren't a thief or whatnot, but I have to protect the privacy of others as well as your own. A simple, "Do you mind if I have a look?" or "Can I see?" would have sufficed! What makes people think it's ok to just peer over at my screen? Or pass behind my desk or stand right next to me? It's not ok.

Furthermore, don't talk to me like I'm your friend, I'm not your friend, but here to politely serve you. I'm not your wife/husband, don't scream at me. Perhaps it's my age that makes you think that I can be spoken to in whatever manner.

Also, when you're finished, push your chair in! If your child/you pushes over our pamphlets or spills food, make them pick it up, or you pick it up, or let me know that you're in a rush and that you're sorry you can't put them back. Clean up after yourself. I believe that cleaning up after yourself in the physical also leads to cleaning up in the emotional/within your relationships. If from a young age you were taught to think that somone's always going to be there to pick up after you in the physical what stops you from thinking that in the emotional. That's why we have people that'll drop stuff on the street and not give a care in the world about it. And for Christ's sake don't leave your Tim Hortons/McD/wherever else cups lying around! OMG I'm getting more cynical by the day... —Really

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