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I've waited 8 months to try to get answers. 8 months in pain everyday when I do something my joints hurt, all because of a stupid summer job. I am still fighting to get something and I was sent to you, 8 months ago to find out what my problem is. Not even to get treatments yet. You, as a bored to death doctor, just sent me strait home, barely acknowledged me and didn't even cared about my questions. 8 months of wait to hear you say : "Well your doctor wanted to know if you have that problem and you don't. Go home he will call you." I asked questions and you wouldn't even look at me, too absorbed by your computer. You didn't even cared about me or my symptoms, only what your assistant gathered as information and what my doctor wanted. Well, your assistant did a better job at explaining me the process and talking to me than you did, maybe you have some basic social skills to learn from him, but I doubt it's your style. —Still In Pain And Waiting

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