Equality means equal

I am not a feminist, but do strongly believe in equality. This not a bitch ranting on men or women, just to the idiots out there who don't truly understand equality. I am a female manager in the auto industry "traditional male role". My company strongly believes in diversity, which is one of the reasons I joined the team, and it's truly a great company to work for. Our company is trying to make sure we have a lot of female managers and males of visible minorities being promoted.... and they've done a great job at it! We now even have a team focused on just this, and developing such individuals to be promoted. From someone who believes in equality, this focus groups and sessions are bullshit!! In no way are you focusing on obstacles we may face on a daily basis (sexual harassment, family planning, work/life balance etc. No, you the Caucasian male leading this group thinks it's a great idea to give us additional tools to help us out beat the Caucasian male during interviews. Hello!?! What happened to the best candidate for the position. Why do you feel we need these extra tools? Are we not smart enough? Have you noticed that 65% of our management team is diverse? Do you realize that you are discriminating against the Caucasian male? Seriously get it together and stop insulting myself and everyone else around you. Don't think I'll be attending the convention this time. —Not a crazy cat lady

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