Halifax isn't all that!


I'm so tired of this city, it nickel and dimes you at every turn, I swear they budget themselves on parking tickets.  Anyway, that aside, I just wanted to say how unrealistic and pathetic people in the business community are in Halifax. Halifax is no Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Edmonton or Victoria...so stop thinking you can command house prices which are comparable to those cities. Halifax is in Atlantic Canada for crying out loud, there is NO argument that can be made which justifies the over inflated cost of houses and increasing costs of rents in this city. Oh and this urban dream you have of getting rid of cars downtown in favour of public transit and the like, KEEP DREAMING LOSERS.  

Your bus system has a long way to go before you can even come close to thinking that way AND you need a third bridge at the South end of the city if its ever going to be efficient.  Its amazing how many common sense things there are which can be done to improve this city, but they don't because of unrealistic expectations and a city council that acts like a group of children, they should all be fired!  Oh the other thing is that the McKay bridge should have been directly connected to the 102, as it stands now it forces people into the city when a lot just want to get around...NOT GOOD PLANNING! But then again, its evident the planning was never good here, as evidenced by the fact that I've seen roads get paved just before power lines get buried.  WOW, talk about lack of planning and over expenditure.  I've had my fill, I've chosen not to buy a house here and I'm leaving the province.  There's just no way to get ahead in this city unless you're making 100K plus! —Fed Up with The Delusions of Haligonians

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